This fast heating option needs a boiler or a Biomass.


Specification summary

  • Max Spa Capacity of 50m3 (11,000gal)
  • Heat Transfer of 25Kw @ boiler supply of 82degC
  • Heat Transfer of 16Kw @ boiler supply of 60degC
  • Boiler water flow of 3m3h (50l/m)
  • Max spa water flow - 12m3h (200l/m)
  • Material: Titanium


Energy saving
With more heat transfer tubes than most competitor products, Bowman units heat spas up to three times faster, reducing energy costs and saving money.


Easy installation

These units feature composite end covers and solvent weld connectors for easy installation directly into the spa pipework.Additionally many models feature an integral 7mm thermostat pocket.


Simple to maintain

An easily removable tubestack and end covers makes cleaning and maintenance procedures very simple and straightforward.


Outstanding reliability

Designed and built to the highest quality standards, Bowman titanium units provide outstanding levels of operational reliability and durability. Titanium products in contact with spa water come with a 10 year anti-corrosion warranty.

Bowman 25 kW Heat Exchanger

Manufactured : in the United Kingdom

Solar and renewable energy

Many spa owners and operators are switching to renewables to reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions, whilst also improving their "green" credentials. From the outside, one solar heat exchanger can look very like another. Open them up and you'll see a major difference in design that will make a massive impact to your energy usage and pool heat-up times. The multi-tube structure of a Bowman heat exchanger is specifically designed to work with the lower temperature water from solar heating panels. These units need significantly less energy to heat the body of water and will achieve the required water temperature in around a third of the time of many competitor products. This design also maximises the effectiveness of your spas solar collectors, enabling them to be used as the primary spa heat source for much longer throughout the year.


Bowman heat exchangers are also ideal for cooling pools in warmer climates via chiller system.