Our premium ‘Holiday Let Spa’ collection was specifically designed for the holiday let industry in the UK and they are all HSG282 compliant. Wellis, the leading European spa manufacturer helps you to maximise on your investment. Our brand-new Valencia trade spa is a result of a successful collaboration with Forest Holidays and we have used the very latest innovations in the industry to build the Valencia to very high standards.


The Valencia with its 48 hydrotherapy jets was designed to provide prime entertainment and relaxation for a larger group: as many as 7 people can enjoy the hydromassage experience offered by this exclusive hot tub.


Our Valencia spa is the trade version of our luxurious What Spa? Best Buy 2021 Award winning PeakLine Elbrus spa.


How our Valencia holiday let spa is different to a regular spa?


- The Valencia is equipped with a Gecko smart heater, which allows you to add any of our optional fast heating options(boiler/heat pump/heat exchanger) to heat up the water faster.

- To drain your spa as fast as possible it also comes with a 2” Fast Drain which allows you to drain your spa quicker which is important for a fast guest turn over.

- It is HSG282 compliant meaning:

  • For safe commercial use it has a tamper-proof control system made by Gecko which prevents misuse by the spa user, has only three buttons: 2 for the pumps and one for the lights. All other controls are hidden behind the cabinet.
  • It is equipped with an in line chemical dosing system (Spafrog doser)
  • An Ozone generator sanitiser with antibacterial filters
  • There are no perishable items fitted this prevents spa user damage to pillows, diverter and air valves.
  • The Valencia also has a dedicated circulation pump to minimise costs and noise. Your guests can take a spa whenever it pleases them and it won’t annoy other guests!
  • The Valencia also comes with a Smartphone App and Wifi Connection which allows remote access to spa controls up to 100 spas at the same time. It also sends you notifications for the timely maintenance of your spas.
  • Comes with 5 years Construction Warranty and 3 Years Pumps and Controls Warranty which is the best in the industry.


We are the largest hot tub manufacturer in Europe using automated manufacturing process (robots) this provides guaranteed quality for our products every time.


We have UK stock of all parts to ensure fast delivery and a National Support Service with Wellis trained Engineers.


In recent years, our company has attached increasing importance to an environmentally conscious approach, taking elements of the sustainability model into consideration. As we manufacture over 30,000 hot tubs annually, it is vital that we apply all major aspects of green economy both in theory, and in practice.


We’ve developed industry-leading technological innovations to significantly lower running costs such as

  • the Poli-MaxTM Hot Tub Shell Reinforcement which self insulates for both heat and sound,
  • The Polifoam Insulation, a unique and high-quality insulation type which makes every Wellis® hot tub extremely energy efficient, 
  • The triple “Reflective Thermal Barrier” (RTB) insulation,
  • The Reinforced Moulded ABS Floor plan to fight the “cold sink effect” that is created by damp ground.


See more details on our energy saving innovations at the Features and Wellness sections.


Dimensions 2180mm x 2180mm x 900mm
Loungers / Seats 7 seats
Net weight  / Water amount (l) 330 kg / 1 136 L
Frame WPS
HSG282 Compliant


Optimum 3 x 20A /400V/50Hz
Minimum* 1 x 32A / 230V /50Hz


3kW Gecko smart heater Standard
25kW Bowman Heat Exchanger Optional
3 kW Additional Electric Heater Optional
5 kW Gecko Heat Pump Optional (renewable energy)
7.5 kW Gecko Heat Pump Optional (renewable energy)
2” Fast Drain Standard


Total number of jets

48 pcs

Hydromassage pump

2 x 3HP hydromassage 

1x silent energy saving circulation pump


Filtration 1 pc antibacterial filter
Water sanitisation

Ozone Generator

Spafrog (in-line chemical dosing)


Chromotherapy LEDs 16 pcs exclusive LEDs + Central LEDs
Control System

Temper-proof Gecko Easy4  - 3 buttons  

(Control hidden behind the cabinet)


SmartPhone App+WIFI Connection  Yes - up to 100 spas
Thermo cover Yes - Standard


Construction 5 years
Pumps & Controls 3 years

*In case of minimum power connection, the hot tub pump(s) and heating unit cannot be operated simultaneously.